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Sen. Braun, colleagues introduce bill to maximize Americans’ retirement funds

WASHINGTON—Today, Sens. Braun, Burr, Tuberville, Lummis, Marshall, Wicker, Daines, and Inhofe introduced legislation to build a stronger retirement system for Americans by clarifying the fiduciary duty of plan administrators to select and maintain investments based solely on financial factors. Recently, the Biden Administration Department of Labor proposed a rule that would essentially coerce workers and businesses into supporting corporations deemed “woke” through ESG (environmental, social and...

Senator Braun forces Senate to vote on balanced budget

WASHINGTON – Today, the U.S. Senate voted on Senator Mike Braun’s balanced budget plan. The Braun Budget is a comprehensive federal budget plan to throw the brakes on out-of-control government spending, fight inflation by balancing our federal budget, and unleash American prosperity and energy independence.

The final vote was 34 – 65.

Today I forced the Senate to vote on a balanced budget. My budget would make the Trump tax cuts permanent, unleash American energy independence, fight Biden’s...