Senator Braun on 2022 Winter Olympics: “The Chinese Communist Party must be held accountable”

“I wish the best of luck to the athletes competing on behalf of the United States in the 2022 Winter Olympics beginning today in Beijing. I am proud of their accomplishments and look forward to watching them succeed in this year’s Olympic games. However, I remain disappointed in the International Olympic Committee for maintaining the decision to hold the Olympic games in a country that continually commits egregious human rights violations against its own citizens. The Chinese Communist Party...

Senator Braun Releases Groundhog Day Report on "How the Swamp Keeps Coming Back Again and Again"

WASHINGTON -- Today Senator Mike Braun released the "Groundhog Day Report," which highlights the bureaucrats who keep popping up over and over again in D.C.

The list includes many Biden administration officials who have been recycled through multiple administrations, recycling failed policy ideas and contributing to the status quo in D.C.

The report goes into the background of D.C. bureaucrats and their connections to various lobbying groups.


"I know from experience: your...

Senator Braun Statement on U.S. Troop Deployment to Eastern Europe Related to Russia/Ukraine Conflict

WASHINGTON -- Senator Mike Braun released the following statement on President Biden's decision to send 3,000 troops to Eastern Europe.

"I am strongly opposed to President Biden’s decision to send American troops to Eastern Europe to defend countries that should defend themselves, potentially involving us in another conflict after just ending a 20 year war. Two weeks ago President Biden killed a sanctions package in the U.S. Senate that would have deterred Putin by shutting down the Nord Stream...

Senator Braun Statement on Retirement of Justice Stephen Breyer    

"The far left has been pressuring Justice Breyer to retire so President Biden could nominate someone more liberal, and based on President Biden’s alliance with the far left throughout his presidency, it is likely they will get their wish. I will consider President Biden’s nominee on the basis of if he or she has demonstrated respect for our Constitution and the rights and liberties of the American people."

- Senator Mike Braun

"Huge win for liberties and livelihoods": Senator Braun on vaccine mandate withdrawal

WASHINGTON -- Today, OSHA announced they will officially withdraw President Biden's unconstitutional vaccine mandate for private businesses tomorrow.

Senator Mike Braun released the following statement on the withdrawal of the vaccine mandate's Emergency Temporary Standard:

President Biden’s vaccine mandate for private employees is unconstitutional and wrong, and OSHA withdrawing the rule is a huge win for the liberties and livelihoods of millions of Americans. I was proud to stand up for...

Senator Braun stands up for the unborn with Day of Tears resolution, receives A+ rating from Susan B. Anthony List Pro-Life Scorecard

WASHINGTON — Ahead of tomorrow’s March for Life, Senator Mike Braun reintroduced a resolution memorializing the unborn and recognizing January 22nd as the Day of Tears each year on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

The resolution honors the millions of unborn children lost to abortion by lowering the flag to half-mast every January 22nd. Rep. Jody Hice introduced the companion resolution in the House.  

“Every life is precious life that deserves to be protected. I am proud to introduce the...

Braun, Kaine introduce bill to promote access to medical countermeasures

WASHINGTON — Senator Mike Braun and Senator Tim Kaine have introduced the bipartisan Promoting Access to Critical Countermeasures by Ensuring Specimen Samples (ACCESS) to Diagnostics Act, which supports quicker research and development of medical countermeasures, including diagnostic tests, vaccines, and therapeutics, in response to emerging infectious diseases.

This bill would require the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services to issue guidance for public and private sector...

Braun, Ernst introduce bill to streamline FDA inspections, incentivizing pharmaceutical manufacturers to return to the U.S.

WASHINGTON — Today, Senators Mike Braun and Senator Joni Ernst introduced the Creating Efficiency in Foreign Inspections Act, which would eliminate the lead time that foreign pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities receive before FDA inspections to even the playing field between foreign and domestic manufacturers.

This legislation would create an incentive for drug manufacturers abroad to bring their facilities back to the U.S., leading to a stronger domestic supply chain.

“The COVID-19...

VIDEO: Big victory at the Supreme Court! Vax mandate blocked.

WASHINGTON - Senator Mike Braun released the following video on the Supreme Court's majority decision to block President Biden's vaccine mandate for private businesses, which Senator Braun led the fight against in the Senate, including a successful vote to overturn the rule on December 8 and a brief sent to the Supreme Court calling on them to block the mandate.

Watch on YouTube:


Senator Braun Statement on Supreme Court Stay of Biden Vaccine Mandate

WASHINGTON -- Senator Mike Braun released the following statement after the Supreme Court announced they would block President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate for millions of employees of private businesses.

“President Biden’s vaccine mandate for private employees is unconstitutional and wrong. I was proud to lead the vote to overturn this illegal mandate in the Senate, and the Supreme Court blocking this mandate is a win for the liberties and livelihoods of millions of Americans.”SENATOR MIKE...