Appropriations Requests

The deadline for FY2024 appropriations requests has passed.

Public Disclosure of Appropriation Requests

Senator Braun believes Congress should ensure the annual appropriations process is conducted in a transparent manner, through regular order. Doing so, will promote the best interests of Hoosiers and all Americans. For this reason, Senator Braun has publicly stated that he does not support the process of earmarking funding for the pet projects of members of Congress.

However, the Senator also wants to further ensure that the American public can see the input that goes into the federal appropriations process. In order to promote transparency in the process, each request received by the Senator's office will be posted to this website within one calendar week of its receipt:

The Senator’s office will post the date the request was received, the organization requesting the funding, the amount requested, and the purpose of the request. The office will not publish any personally identifying information.

On an annual basis, Senator Braun's office receives hundreds of requests. Each request is important and will be thoroughly vetted by the Senator and his staff upon receipt. Please know that the submission of this form is not, of itself, an application for federal funding and is not a guarantee that your request will be included in any legislation.

Your request helps the Senator identify and promote Hoosier priorities in Congressional funding bills. For any specific questions, please send an email to