Mike Braun is honored to represent the state of Indiana in the U.S. Senate.

Mike is a conservative who is proud to work toward creating great American jobs, building a strong national defense, reducing the debt and deficit, and helping our veterans.

In the Senate, he serves as the lead Republican on the Aging Committee. He also serves on the Agriculture Committee, Budget Committee, and the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee (HELP).

Before Braun’s historic victory in 2018, he was the founder and CEO of Meyer Distributing, a company he built in his hometown of Jasper that employs hundreds of Americans across the country.

Mike grew up in Jasper and married his high school sweetheart, Maureen.

After graduation, Mike took a different path than many of his classmates and moved back to his hometown. 

Senator Braun sitting at desk

I ran for the U.S. Senate because I believed I could use my experience building a business to get real results for Hoosiers in Washington, and I’m honored by the opportunity to serve you.

After starting at Meyer Body Company in 1981 and eventually acquiring full ownership, Mike transitioned from the manufacturing sector to the distribution markets, forming Meyer Distributing. Since then, Meyer has grown to be among the industry leaders in auto parts distribution. Under Mike’s leadership, Meyer survived the 2008 financial collapse and came out a stronger company, averaging 22 percent growth since 2009.

Today, Meyer is a nationwide contender in the third-party logistics business. Throughout the massive expansion of his business, Mike has always remained grounded to his roots by anchoring the company in Jasper. Mike is proud of his decision to build his businesses in his hometown, and today three of his four children work in the family business.

Throughout the years, Mike has always looked for ways to give back to his community and serve his fellow Hoosiers, such as serving as a member of the local School Board and as a State Representative in 2014. Mike is an avid outdoorsman and enthusiastic mushroom hunter every spring.

Today, Senator Mike Braun is proud to stand up for Hoosiers values in the Senate against the entrenched D.C. bureaucracy and career politicians borrowing trillions from our kids and grandkids.