Thank you for reaching out to my office for assistance with a federal agency. My office is here to help you understand your rights and responsibilities relative to various federal programs, and help you work through a problem you may have with a federal agency. If you are an Indiana resident and need assistance with a federal agency, please continue down this page.

My staff will make every effort to assist you with an issue.  However, there are some situations in which my team and I have limited or no jurisdiction.  In those instances, my team will refer you to other office holders or public agencies who may be able to help.   Please read the following for examples of these situations:

  • You are not a resident of Indiana. If you are not resident of Indiana, we encourage you to contact a member of the congressional delegation from your state. If you have questions on how to find a member of your congressional delegation, we would be happy to assist you in finding their contact information.
  • Your question or issue is a matter of state or local government. If your questions or concerns deal with a state or local matter, we ask that you please contact your state senator, state representative, or country/municipal representatives. If you are unsure which representative to contact, or how to contact them, our office will gladly help you find the correct contact and help you make a connection to that office.
  • Your concern relates to a legal matter or a matter involving the court. These situations could include a civil lawsuit, criminal prosecution or sentencing, custody of a child, etc. Based on the advice of the Senate Ethics Committee, Senate offices should refrain from intervening in such legal actions until the matter has reached a full resolution in the courts. If you need assistance on finding low cost or pro-bono legal assistance, please contact our office.
  • Your question or concern relates to pending legislation in the House or Senate. If you have a question or concern regarding pending legislation, or would like to express your thoughts on a change in law or regulation, please use our Contact Mike page to submit your opinion on these matters.

Acting as a liaison between you and the federal government, my staff and I can often help you answer questions, find resources, or resolve problems. While we cannot ask an agency to circumvent its rules, force it to decide a case in your favor, or change a decision that is already final, we are able to make inquiries about the status of your case and review the steps taken thus far to ensure your case is being handled properly.

Due to provisions of the 1974 Privacy Act, I must have your written authorization prior to contacting a federal agency on your behalf. Please fill out the information below. Once you have completed and submitted the information below, please print and complete the appropriate Privacy Release Form based on what issue(s) you are facing. You can return the PRF document to my Indianapolis office by email, US mail or fax.