(Washington, DC) — A report says the Supreme Court has voted to overturn Roe v. Wade. POLITICO says it has obtained an initial draft majority opinion by Justice Samuel Alito, who reportedly wrote that Roe must be overturned. The landmark case guaranteed federal constitutional protections of abortion rights. Alito writes the authority to regulate abortion must be returned to the states. This is not a final decision of record and it’s unclear if the draft will be changed before it is released. An official ruling is expected within the next two months.

Jim Banks (R-Ind.) was supportive of the report. In a statement released Tuesday he’s asking the governor for a special session. “The Supreme Court will finally have given a voice to the voiceless and to Hoosier voters and for the first time in 50 years, regular Americans will have a say in the most important moral and political issue of our time. I am again calling on Indiana legislatures and Governor Holcomb to convene a special session to pass pro-life legislation if Roe is overturned. This could be the most important victory for protecting the unborn in American history.”

Indiana Senator Mike Braun on Twitter called today “a landmark day for the sanctity of human life in our country. I am 100% Pro-Life and pray it is true that the Supreme Court will follow through and save countless lives.” Similar to other republicans, Representative Larry Bucshon issued a statement about being pro life, but raised concerns about how the decision was leaked. “While I am hopeful that their final decision protects our most basic right, the right to life, I urge all of our Justices to remain unwavering in their duty of upholding the Constitution and not to succumb to political pressure that is coming as a result of this leak,” said Bucshon.

The Indiana Democratic Party said in a statement that they believe the General Assembly will make abortion illegal in Indiana as soon as this summer.

“Only 17% of Hoosiers support criminalizing abortion in all forms including rape, incest or life of the mother. If this #SCOTUS opinion is true, the Indiana Republican Party will vote to do just that at the statehouse this summer. Their extreme partisanship will cost lives,” read the statement.

The Supreme Court confirmed Tuesday the leaked draft of the decision to overturn Roe v Wade is authentic. Chief Justice John Roberts called the leak an “egregious breach” of the court’s trust. An investigation is being launched to determine where the leak originated. Despite all that, Roberts said the draft decision being published by Politico won’t affect the court’s work.