The Trump administration is negotiating with Mexico this week to try and head off using tariffs as a tool to force that country to deal with illegal immigration to the U.S. Sen. Mike Braun said he’s worried that using tariffs might put the U.S. Mexico Canada Agreement in jeopardy.

Braun, a guest on Fox Business Channel, said in a Wednesday interview that he hopes Trump and team get the situation worked out before any threatened tariffs go into effect.

“Most of us were hoping that would be what it’s for and that it would be resolved before they went in place,” said Braun.

“I’m concerned if tariffs get put in place because the USMCA – that masterful agreement that is ready to go through, might be put it in peril. President Trump has done a great job negotiating with the Chinese, Canadians, and Mexicans, and I think here he needed to make a statement that they’re not helping out on border security and I’m hoping the tariffs don’t need to be used.”

Braun said he is not personally against tariffs.

“I’m a guy that believes in unfettered markets, keep government out of it. Tariffs would be involvement but I come from Main Street America. I think it’s big business that is reflexively against tariffs.”

He said he was not completely against using tariffs, but is now unsettled about the possible result.

“I think the President was right to use it as a tool as long as we wean ourselves from it like he said we’d do after we accomplish some of these goals.”