WASHINGTON — Fresh off his latest trip to the southern border in Texas, Sen. Mike Braun (R-IN) is reaffirming calls for certain leaders within the White House to resign over their handling of the border.

Braun namely would like to see Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas either be impeached or resign. House Republicans recently tried to move forward with impeachment proceedings against Mayorkas, but there were eight Republicans who sided with Democrats against it, which stopped the push in its tracks.

Braun is calling that group of Republicans the “Placate 8.”

“It’s more untenable than untenable than what it was with the normal malaise we had where they could just get together because it was a tricky issue,” Braun said on Tony Katz Today of the stalemate in Congress over the border. “For that ‘Placate 8’ they’re then agreeing with and condoning what Biden and all other Democrats are interested in doing.”

Braun accused Democrats of being all in on “open border policy.”

He also accused Republicans in both chambers of not taking the issue as seriously as they should. Braun said that is apparent by the amount of money Republicans have support going towards “policing the world”, referencing Ukraine and Israel, but not dedicating enough of that to the southern border.

“The amount of money the Trump administration was putting towards it, having big results, was chump change compared to the tens and hundreds of billions that have been spent on all other kinds of escapades here,” Braun said.

Back in September, Border Patrol reported being on track for roughly 210,000 apprehensions of migrants making illegal border crossings. In the first 20 days of September, the agency reported making just shy of 7,000 apprehensions a day, up 60-percent from the previous month.

Braun said this increase is due to the Biden administration ending the Trump-era “Remain In Mexico” policy. He added this impacts Indiana because drug cartels are taking advantage of these lax policies to get drugs like fentanyl into the U.S. and into Indiana.