From Indiana to the halls of Congress in Washington, Senator Mike Braun has seen the government’s dysfunction up close, a reason he’s all in favor of the states using Article V to call for a Convention of States.  

Senator Braun called for an Article V Convention of States last week during a speech on the Senate floor, acknowledging the outrageous spending in the government and Congress’s failure to pass a budget.  

Instead, Congress is relying on “continuing resolutions” that push off the urgency to agree on an annual budget.  

Citing overwhelming public support, Braun told COS Action that he’s convinced a Convention of States can fix the broken system – since members of Congress won’t enact proper solutions themselves.  

“I came from running a business in my hometown to the U.S. Senate, and the dysfunction I’ve seen up close has convinced me we need Constitutional amendments for term limits and a balanced budget to get a better product for the American people,” Sen. Braun told COSA.  

He listed several attempts he has made in the past year to serve his constituents of Indiana and the American people, including a detailed federal budget that would match spending and our revenue within 10 years, cut pet projects from spending bills, and require a balanced budget – like many states have.  

However, Braun’s proposals failed to gain traction because “this place lacks the backbone to fix itself.”  

The American people deserve better, he explained, offering the Founder’s solution to abusive government. Braun said that Congress is balanced not just through the Supreme Court and the President, but also through the states using Article V.  

“Congress clearly won’t enact these solutions themselves, so as every American family pays for D.C.’s spending spree, I’m proud to support a Convention of States to answer the overwhelming public support for term limits and balancing our budget to fix this broken system.”  

Watch Senator Braun’s floor speech.  

Sen. Braun introduced an amendment to the “continuing resolution” that would help the people to call convention. His amendment would direct the Archivist of the United States to publicly publish applications from States for a convention, and to notify Congress when the 34-state threshold has been met.  

With each day that passes, the extensive input from COS volunteers, supporters, staff and American patriots is getting us closer to the successful outcome – an Article V convention and ultimately, a prospering, self-governing America.  

Join Senator Braun, our growing list of endorsers, and millions of Americans in advocating for a Convention of States.