INDIANAPOLIS — Florida governor and former Presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis visited a few states this week – including Indiana – to stress the importance of term limits in Washington.

DeSantis says Florida lawmakers are already pushing for term limits. But, while he believes a Constitutional amendment should enforce limits, he realizes that such a change will be difficult to implement.

In a video posted to Twitter, the governor referenced his efforts to institute limits during his time in Congress. He noted that such efforts “went over like a lead balloon” amongst representatives at the time.

Plus, DeSantis is not the only leader currently advocating for this.

Hoosier Senator Mike Braun has long voiced his support for term limits and his frustrations with “career politicians.” As you may remember, he now hopes to transition into the role of Indiana governor.

Many trying to enter the national political landscape for the first time also highlight their lack of “career” experience in Washington.

For example, Hoosier John Rust – who is hoping to fill Braun’s empty seat in the Senate – calls himself a “political outsider.”

It seems these leaders might agree with DeSantis’ sentiment that, “We will never turn our country around if we don’t change the incentives in DC.”