Sen. Mike Braun argued the federal government’s process of budgeting and passing continuing resolutions (CR) is dysfunctional as Congress works to pass the CR to avoid a government shutdown. On “Mornings with Maria,” Wednesday, Sen. Braun called for “true reform” so the country can combat rising debt.   

SEN. MIKE BRAUN: So the CR has gotten to be kind of the political football because we do not do any budgeting. And remember, last year, we didn’t get the job done until February for the year ended in September, the year before. So that dysfunction is going to continue forward. That’s where you need true reform. I’m on the Budget Committee.  Bernie Sanders is a chair. We’ve not done one meeting on the mechanics of budgeting. And this stuff all falls in our lap with people behind closed doors dropping it in where it’s a huge bill with a day or two to size it up. And that will happen again. It’s all part of where this place is headed, along with the 30 trillion in debt. And Biden had the gall to put a budget out there that puts us $45 trillion in ten years.