Thursday on FBN’s “Cavuto: Coast to Coast,” Sen. Mike Braun (R-IN) laid out the TikTok showdown underway on Capitol Hill.

Braun said he was “torn” between the two sides of the argument but added that the threat of China’s involvement loomed.

“Two questions I have for you as well, sir, on Chuck Schumer,” host Neil Cavuto said. “One is whether he should take up this measure that passed overwhelmingly to slap down TikTok and have ByteDance, the Chinese corporate owner, divest TikTok. But he’s not hinted that he’s going to take it up. What do you and your colleagues think?”

“Well, I think that he is then probably listening to the most progressive side of the Senate and his party in general,” Braun replied. “That was an overwhelming percentage over in the House. And that’s about as bipartisan as you’re going to see. I think he will have to do some real explaining why he won’t bring that to the Senate floor for a vote. I think it then will flush out maybe some of the reasons that they think, politically, that it shouldn’t be done.”

“I can’t see a good reason not to bring it to the floor,” he continued. “I’m torn between First Amendment civil liberties and national security on the other side. But when China forces all of their companies to interface with their intelligence agencies, I would not trust that a non-handshake business partner would do other than something nefarious if it continues as is.”