Indiana Senator Mike Braun paid a visit to the southern border at Eagle Pass, Texas on Monday with the Indiana Sherriff’s Association, members of local law enforcement such as the Maverick County Sheriff, and Border Patrol.

Senator Braun toured immigrant camps, and parts of the border wall, and also asked members of local law enforcement and Border Patrol about the national security risk of our southern border, after FBI Director Christopher Wray testified that the border presented a serious terrorist threat to the U.S.

Texas Border czar Mike Banks told Senator Braun that people of 169 nationalities had been stopped at the southern border trying to enter the United States illegally.

This was not Braun’s first time at the southern border, having visited in 2021 to see the record border crossings that began shortly after Biden took office and immediately reversed the Trump administration’s border policies.

“Two years ago I visited a southern border at its breaking point, with Border patrol unable to deal with the hundreds of thousands of immigrants trying to enter our country illegally. Since then it’s only gotten worse,” said Braun.

“The crisis on our southern border means every state is a border state. Fentanyl is killing Hoosiers every day, and we’ve had 600,000 ‘gotaways’ enter our country from nearly every nation on Earth. With 169 people on the terrorist watchlist stopped at our border in the last year, President Biden’s border crisis is a dire threat to our national security.”