Senator Mike Braun has called for a Convention of States to pass constitutional amendments for Congressional term limits and a balanced budget.

A media release says Braun authored an amendment in 2022 that would direct the Archivist of the United States to collect petitions from states and send an official message to Congress to call a Convention of States when 34 states – the two-thirds required by the Constitution – had passed petitions, citing that career politicians have relied on the lack of a formal system for these petitions to avoid term limits and spending accountability that would likely result from a Convention of States.

Braun says, “The American people want term limits in Congress. I signed the Term Limits Pledge and introduced the bill to term limit Senators and House Reps in the U.S. Senate, and I applaud the Indiana House of Representatives for taking strong action on this solution that Hoosiers from all 92 counties tell me we need.”

The media release says in Indiana, in an RMG Research poll, 76% of likely voters in Indiana support term limits on Congress, across political lines.