COVID intel bill to lead lawmakers on ‘the trail’ to virus origin: Sen. Braun

Sen. Mike Braun, R-Ind., says the COVID intelligence bill will catalyze efforts to reveal the virus’ origins

Sen. Mike Braun, R-Ind., discussed a new bill passed by the Senate that will declassify U.S. intelligence information on the origins of coronavirus, and argued Americans “deserve” to know the truth behind the turmoil Covid-19 caused.

SEN. MIKE BRAUN: Number one, something is afoot, because when you get Dr. Collins, Dr. Fauci, I went right after Sen. Kennedy, drilling in, and they did almost everything they could to avoid saying, ‘Yes, we need to declassify,’ but they knew they couldn’t. 

So, we’ll not only, I think, find out and give us the trail to start down with information that we own. And why wouldn’t you do it? 

Because the more I look into it, this was squashed out of the gate by EcoHealth, NIH, especially WHO and China itself. So the American public deserves it. The world deserves it with all the turmoil that’s been caused by it…

FOX NEWS HOST BILL HEMMER: Do you honestly think, Senator, that we’ll ever get a straight-up answer from the Chinese government?

SEN. BRAUN: It depends on how compelling any of the information that’s starting to float around the edges currently… And it is just all cascading forward now.