Corinne Moore


FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Even though he supports the vaccine, Indiana Senator Mike Braun (R) is upset with the steps President Joe Biden is taking to get more American vaccinated against COVID-19, including mandating it.

“It’s probably the biggest overreach by the federal government I’ve seen since I’ve been here,” Braun said.

During the pandemic, the federal government defined small businesses as those that employed 500 people or less. Braun said that now the Biden administration is defining small businesses as those that employ 100 people or less.

Group of House Republicans file articles of impeachment against President Biden “This will arguably hurt them more [and] offset any of the benefits we did through the CARES package,” Braun said now that small businesses are getting back on their feet.

He said that the Biden administration appears to be frustrated that there’s not enough vaccinations across the county and that there are places around the globe with less that 10% vaccinated.

“There is no real solution to [the mandate] other than I hope there will be such an uproar across the board that they reconsider. I think there will be real analysis as to if it is constitutional or not,” Braun said.

Once final details are released, Braun said he and Sen. Dan Sullivan (Alaska-R) are going to do a congressional review of the mandate.