Today, U.S. Senator Mike Braun (R-In.) joined several colleagues in a letter to Senate leadership, asking that any federal assistance to Israel not be used to leverage more funding for Ukraine. This follows reports alleging that President Biden plans to pair tens of billions of dollars to Ukraine with any new request for federal aid to Israel.

The letter states, “In response to these developments, it is critical we give prompt consideration to any request for financial aid or other material support requested by Israel. Based on the breadth of responses from members of Congress, there is a shared urgency to consider such a request.”

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In the letter, the Senators highlighted that these two conflicts are separate and unrelated, and shouldn’t be considered parts of a ‘package deal.’ The letter also points out that any attempt to give additional money to Ukraine risks slowing down any effort to get aid to Israel.

“Furthermore, it would be irresponsible and we should not risk a government shutdown by bundling these priorities together and thus complicating the process and lessening the likelihood of a funding package,” the Senators wrote.