Indiana’s two most senior members of the U.S. Congress are reiterating their support for Israel, as Iran carried out drone and missile attacks.

Republican senators Todd Young and Mike Braun took to social media over the weekend as Tehran said it was retaliating for an Israeli attack on its embassy in Syria.

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Young wrote on Saturday that the United States would stand with Israel against what he called Iran’s “egregious, destabilizing terrorism.”

Braun followed with his own post saying the U.S. “must not abandon our ally Israel as they defend themselves from this vicious attack.”

Braun added that he was praying for the lives of innocent civilians in Israel as well as the Jewish people around the world.

The Iranian attack came less than two weeks after a suspected Israeli strike in Syria that killed two Iranian generals in an Iranian consular building.

It marked the first time Iran has launched a direct military assault on Israel, despite decades of enmity dating back to the country’s 1979 revolution.

On Sunday, U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson said he would try to advance wartime aid for Israel and other allies this week.