WASHINGTON – U.S. Senators Mike Braun and Roger Marshall, M.D. introduced legislation to reinstate pilots who were wrongfully put out of work over their Covid-19 vaccination status.

In 2021, President Biden mandated through his executive authority that all federal contractors, including airlines operating in the United States, must receive a Covid-19 vaccination. As a result of the unconstitutional ‘jab-or-job’ politics coming out of the Biden Administration, many airline pilots were forced out of a job. 

“No one should have lost their job because they didn’t want to take the COVID vaccine. President Biden’s vaccine mandates were completely out of line and violated the liberties of key workers who are essential in daily operations of our skies. Cosponsoring this bill to restore fired pilots to their previously held jobs is a no brainer and will help bring this critical industry back to full capacity.” — Sen. Braun

“The Biden Administration’s ‘jab or job’ vaccine mandates will go down as a dark time in American history. Our legislation seeks to right the wrongs of this administration who forced hard-working American people out of not only their jobs, but their careers.  We will continue to fight for every American wronged by the Biden Administration’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate that has impacted not only our pilots’ livelihoods but our servicemen and women, our children, small businesses, and beyond. Our bill is just one step of many to correct the wrongs of Joe Biden’s vaccine politics.” — Sen. Marshall

Click HERE to read the full text of the legislation introduced by Senators Marshall and Braun. 


  • Senator Braun has been a vocal opponent of the Biden administration’s unconstitutional vaccine mandates, leading several initiatives to prevent the mandates from going into effect. This includes:
  • Standing with Senate Republicans to invoke cloture on the NDAA unless the vaccine mandate for our troops was removed: a key reason why the vaccine mandate was dropped. 
  • Supporting the effort to block the vaccine mandate for healthcare workers that was passed in the Senate.
  • Cosponsoring the Travel Freedom Act, legislation that repeals federal policies requiring international travelers to show proof of Covid-19 vaccination for entrance into the United States.

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