Indiana Republican Senator Mike Braun claims the Biden administration is only making the problem of inflation worse.

Braun joined Fox Business Tuesday saying the president has spent more time adding government jobs than actually improving the U.S. Economy.

“They have grown most of these jobs through government jobs,” said Braun on Fox’s Mornings with Maria. “We’ve pushed out private business investment to a smaller percentage of our economy.”

Braun claims the Biden administration is spending too much, which is why inflation is still above the Fed’s 2% goal.

“Inflation isn’t going away, it’s getting worse,” said Braun. He believes less government spending would go a long way in lowering the nation’s inflation rate. While you may have heard the president talk about the Inflation Reduction Act in the past, Braun says that hasn’t done any good either.

“Fancy names with one intended purpose. They pulled that off to replace more of the real economy with the unproductive side of the ledger – government spending.”