(WEHT)– Senator Mike Braun talked about his thoughts on the infrastructure bill which passed through the Senate and is heading to the House.

Braun said he likes improving infrastructure, but we can’t fix it in a “broken system.” He said the bill was 2,700 pages long and it wasn’t reviewed by committee or regular order.

“First independent analysis from Penn-Wharton found the bipartisan infrastructure bill would put us $350 billion in the hole, and now the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office has found it would produce a $256 billion deficit. Even setting aside these estimates it is clear the pay-fors in this package are either phony or insufficient, and this bill is full of K street carve-outs, kickbacks, and pork. Republicans must not support the Swamp’s bloated debt bomb parading as an infrastructure deal.”

Senator Mike Braun released that statement following the Congressional Budget Office’s analysis that the bipartisan infrastructure bill moving through the Senate would add $256 billion to our deficit, echoing Senator Braun’s July 29 tweet thread detailing the shortcomings of the package’s “pay-fors,” where he found that the package was “several hundred billion dollars short” of being paid for.