WASHINGTON (WANE) — Indiana Sen. Mike Braun restated his support Thursday for strengthening penalties for criminals who target police in response to the death of an Elwood police officer Sunday.
Elwood Officer Noah Shahnavaz had stopped the car of Carl Boards II of Marion, Indiana, when Shahnavaz was hit with gunfire.
Boards had previously been convicted of criminal recklessness and other charges in 2006 after shooting at Indianapolis police during a pursuit. Boards was sentenced to 25 years in prison, but was released after 13 years.
Man charged with murder in weekend slaying of Indiana cop
Currently, the Thin Blue Line Act makes the targeting, killing or attempted killing of a police officer an aggravating factor in favor of maximum sentences, but that only applies to federal law enforcement.
Braun wants to make the law apply to local and state police as well.
“The career criminal who killed an Elwood officer also tried to kill cops 16 years ago and should have paid a stiffer price,” Sen. Braun said. “If you try to kill a police officer, you should pay the highest price possible.”