LOUISVILLE, Ky. — President Joe Biden delivered his first State of the Union address Tuesday night, vowing to check Russian aggression in Ukraine. During his speech, he also addressed rising inflation, the country’s battle with COVID-19, education and reinvesting in America. After his speech, Kentucky and Indiana politicians shared their thoughts.   “President Biden ignored that his agenda has completely flopped for American families: Raging inflation, open borders, crime. The President did his best to try to pick himself up and provide some level of optimism but that’s not what the American people are feeling right now.” – Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell  

“Tonight, President Biden shattered Republicans’ false narratives about his presidency, reminding Americans that when he took office our country was about as close to rock bottom as we’ve seen. Now, unemployment is down, wages are up for the first time in a long time, and thanks to an administration the believes in science, the pandemic is in retreat. And with the international community facing a new crisis, heads of state are once again looking to America’s president not as the problem but as the strong and steady leader who will guide a tough, united response.” – Congressman John Yarmuth  

Every day Americans see their freedom, jobs, and livelihoods stolen from them by petty tyrants drunk on power with lockdowns and mandates…For now, keep fighting and hoping that our best days can and will be ahead of us. – Senator Rand Paul  

“In just a year, President Biden has taken us from America First to America Last. President Biden and Democrats must abandon their radical, left-wing policies that are putting our nation in crisis. We must end wasteful government spending that’s driving record inflation, unleash American-made energy to provide reliable, affordable energy to the American people, enforce our immigration laws, and lead by peace through strength.” – Congressman James Comer  

“I can’t think of a record that would be harder to spin than President Biden’s one year in. From shutting down the Keystone pipeline, reckless spending, and projecting weakness on the world stage, the American people are paying the price for these failures. We need real solutions.” – Indiana Senator Mike Braun  

“At home, we have 40-year high inflation, a crisis at our border, high energy prices, and families struggling with the high cost of living. For the last year, Democrats haven’t focused on these issues. Instead, they’ve pushed far-left policies that are out of touch with the concerns of rank and file Hoosiers.” – Indiana Senator Todd Young