WASHINGTON — Parents and kids should be able to choose whichever school they see fit. That’s the sentiment of Indiana Sen. Mike Braun.

“Something so important as education has kind of evolved into a one-size-fits-all,” said Braun to the Congressional School Choice Caucus on Wednesday. “(Indiana) has led the nation on choice.”

Braun lobbied lawmakers that school choice should be legislated on the federal level as well. He told the gathering that you can never find the best result by “only shopping in one place” as a consumer.

He added that parents need to be in the equation as well when finding a school that is right for their child. He said that needs to be the case in order for a child to thrive in their education.

On Wednesday, state lawmakers approved a bill to further expand school choice options for Hoosier parents and kids. However, state senators on the Senate Appropriations committee rolled back some of the provisions that would have created a “universally accessible” school choice program.

The vote was 8-5.

That means that in order to qualify for the program you still need to meet specific qualifications.