WASHINGTON, D.C.–While the impeachment trial of President Trump is going on, the Senate can do nothing else. Senator Mike Braun (R-Ind.), is frustrated and believes that face alone will come back to bite Democrats when the impeachment process is over.

“All of that has been on hold. In fact, we have not been able to do anything with executive appointments and we were doing really well with that,” said Braun, by phone from Washington. “This has stymied everything.”

Braun said he believes Democrats will pay during the November election.

“Most Hoosiers, even the ones who don’t agree with me or don’t like Trump, don’t appreciate the agenda, probably don’t want to see this turn into another three or four months,” which Braun believes will happen if witnesses are allowed.

“Even the individuals talking about witnesses…may not vote for a conviction.”

Braun pointed out that Congress doesn’t get much done, even while something like impeachment is not going on.

“If you don’t get this stuff through by May in an election year, you don’t get it done at all,” he said.

Braun said he is listening to all testimony, as is his duty as a juror, but that to vote to convict it would take hearing something that has not yet been talked about.

“It would have to be a particular crime that was involved, like in the Nixon proceedings, which never made it even to impeachment. He resigned.”

Braun said that he’s endeavored to be a partial juror, but that no one comes into a trial like the impeachment proceeding like a juror in a normal trial because the process, he said, is political and partisan.

You also might’ve noticed that Braun is involved with a news conference every couple of days. He explained his increased presence in the media.

“Regardless of what you think about Pres. Trump’s style, his policies and agenda speak for themselves. But, if you’re silent, I think that means maybe you weren’t on that wavelength.”

Indiana’s senior senator, Todd Young, also a Republican, has been largely silent about the trial since proceedings have begun.