WASHINGTON–An Indiana senator who went to Washington promising to hold the federal government accountable for spending too much money, is frustrated that Congress can’t get a budget passed, and hasn’t gotten a new COVID relief bill to the president.

“The place…has gotten to where we don’t do anything on time. We don’t make a move until you’re either forced to shut the government down or run out of time,” said Sen. Mike Braun, a Republican, on Fox News, Wednesday.

The House passed a one-week spending bill to keep the government from shutting down. But, a COVID relief bill is still in negotiations.

“I do think that over the next few days, and over the next week something will come together,” said Braun, who pointed out some of the hang-ups that Democrats and Republicans are not budging on.

“State and local government aid, that the Democrats say they have to have. They don’t want to budge on limiting liability for schools, companies, non-profits,” he said. “Then you’ve got the new entry, which would be direct payments that the White House threw in there. I think enhanced unemployment insurance to the tune of $300 bucks a month for four months, that should go through.”

In one version of the relief bill that’s being considered, people would get another one-time $600 stimulus check.

“I do still believe we’ll get it done. But, the gamesmanship is what the American public oughtta be ashamed of, because we’ve got a lot of time to not only get a budget done, we’ve tried to work on COVID now for three months,” he said.