INDIANAPOLIS (WISH)– Indiana Republican Senator, Mike Braun, says he’s not happy about how Congress is deciding to fund the federal government.
A short-term spending bill is heading to the Senate to give lawmakers time to craft a longer deal.
If the Senate approves this measure, and President Biden signs it, it will give lawmakers one more week to reach a compromise on a long-term spending plan.
Senator Mike Braun and other Republicans argue the next Congress should be the ones to figure that out when it convenes in January.
Wednesday night’s house vote passed 224 to 201.
Nine Republicans joined Democrats to vote in favor, and none of them are from Indiana.
Senate negotiators say they have at least agreed to a framework that puts them on track to complete a full year funding package.
Both sides agree on spending about $858 billion on defense, but they are about $25 billion apart on the overall funding bill.
Braun claims no one knows what’s in the bill.
“No, no one does. I’m an appropriator, and I’ve been an appropriator I guess for a year or two, but we never know what’s in it. It’s cooked up behind closed doors by folks that really don’t want to say what’s in it because when you get in there and dig around, it’s got a lot of stuff no one would want in there. There’s no budgeting among the budget committee. It’s a useless, abandoned chair, ought to be the most important committee and there’s no appropriating done with participation,” Braun said.
Republican House Leader, Kevin McCarthy, called for an extension into 2023.
He says Republicans earned the opportunity to shape spending legislation by taking back the house in the midterm elections.
Some Senate Republicans worry delaying negotiations into January could lead to a shutdown, with the GOP taking the blame.
The Senate could vote very soon on the short-term measure.