A second whistleblower has come forward, claiming they had direct knowledge of President Donald Trump’s phone call with the Ukrainian President.

On Monday Indiana Senator Mike Braun sat down with WTWO to discuss his thoughts on the impeachment inquiry.

When asked if he believes there is any case for impeachment he said there is nothing to investigate.

“If you read the transcript closely there is no quid pro quo,” Braun explained. “I looked at it and I thought surely there had to be more in there to invest this much time and energy.”

He claimed the Democrats have been working toward impeachment since Trump’s election, and the catalyst behind this latest inquiry is the Mueller Report.

“There was a huge disappointment when the Mueller report fell flat. With all the time and effort and all the government resources put into it,” said Braun. “And again a lot of what people don’t like about the president is probably his presentation and his style.”

The senator is worried this impeachment inquiry, coupled with the Mueller Report, has taken too much time away from more pressing matters in the nation.

“I think there’s a political risk to pushing this. We need to hear the merits of the case. I don’t think it’s there and I think it’s strictly going to be a partisan adventure,” he explained. “I think that there may be liability because this has taken away from so many other things we need to get done.”

WTWO also reached out to Representative Larry Bucshon and Senator Todd Young for their thoughts on the impeachment inquiry.

In a statement Young said, “One thing is clear, the far-left has been desperate to get rid of President Trump since day one. That much has not changed. I take my responsibilities very seriously and will continue to evaluate the facts as we get them. But my primary focus will remain on the work Hoosiers elected me to do, including passing USMCA, reining in the health care costs, taking care of our veterans, keeping Americans safe and secure, and continuing to grow our economy.”