WASHINGTON – In a hearing of the Senate Appropriations Committee today, Senator Mike Braun asked Dr. Anthony Fauci – given his support for transparency in the investigation of the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic – if he will recommend that President Biden declassify all intelligence related to a link between the Wuhan Institute of Virology and the coronavirus. 


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In April, Senator Braun cosponsored legislation with Senator Josh Hawley to force the Biden administration to declassify intelligence related to the origins of the COVID pandemic and the Wuhan Institute of Virology. 

Citing intelligence the U.S. possesses regarding the Wuhan Institute of Virology and noting that the China’s Communist regime is not a reliable source of information, Senator Braun pressed Dr. Fauci on the issue of declassifying information on the origins of the COVID pandemic: 

SEN. BRAUN: Since you believe in transparency, wouldn’t you think that we should declassify all the information that we own so that you, Americans, and independent researchers can see what we’ve got to sort through how this thing started?

DR. FAUCI: Well Senator, I’ve said publicly and most recently that I believe there should be transparency and fair and open independent – continue to look. As I said I still believe the most likely scenario is this was a natural occurrence, but no one knows that 100% for sure, and since there’s a lot of concern, a lot of speculation, and since no one absolutely knows that, I do believe we need the kind of investigation where there’s open transparency and all the information that’s available be made available to scrutinize. 

SEN. BRAUN: Since you’ve been the point person on a variety of topics through the COVID saga, does that mean then you will ask President Biden to declassify that information?

DR. FAUCI: I don’t think I can promise you that –

SEN. BRAUN: Would you ask him, since you believe in transparency, wouldn’t that make sense that we get the information that we have? We owe it to the American people with all that we’ve been through to at least look at the information that we have.

DR. FAUCI: I’m not sure the information we have. I’m not sure its my place to tell the President of the United States to declassify – 

SEN. BRAUN: You’ve been very engaged on a wide range of topics and I think he would respect your opinion as much as anyone.

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