WASHINGTON— Senator Mike Braun and Senator Roger Marshall have introduced the Apply the Science Act which would require GAO to conduct an evaluation on HHS/CDC to further research on the value of infection-acquired COVID immunity, the availability of this information and how it impacts CDC decision making, and the value of diagnostics in the COVID-19 response.  

“For too long, the effects of natural immunity for COVID have been disparaged and ignored. It’s due time for the federal government to Apply the Science and conduct a comprehensive study on the impact of natural immunity.”— Senator Mike Braun  

“The American people deserve to know how the CDC develops guidance during a public health emergency, and we must leverage the GAO’s expertise and experience as a watchdog government agency. I’m proud to partner with Senator Braun on legislation that will ensure federal, state, and local governments are making decisions based on unbiased scientific facts. Only then can we really learn to live with COVID-19 and not have it control our lives.”— Senator Roger Marshall  

Specifically, the legislation would require GAO to conduct an evaluation on HHS/CDC to assess:  

  • The current scientific understanding of the duration and effectiveness of COVID–19 immunity resulting from a prior infection, vaccination, or both, including any differences across population groups
  • The extent to which the CDC makes available the information it’s used to inform its policy decisions related to COVID-19 infection acquired immunity
  • The extent to which select foreign countries account for scientific evidence pertaining to COVID–19 infection-acquired immunity when creating public health regulations or guidance
  • The extent to which diagnostic tests that measure immune response be better utilized in a comprehensive COVID-19 response (particularly for high risk populations). GAO is required to send a report to Congress within 18 months.  

Read full bill text here.