“This is what America Last leadership looks like.”

WASHINGTON – Senator Mike Braun released the following statement calling on President Biden to suspend all aid to Gaza until every American hostage is released by Hamas terrorists.

“The United States shouldn’t send another dollar to Gaza until every American hostage is safely back on our soil. How backward are this administration’s priorities that President Biden would cut a $100 million check to Hamas-controlled Gaza after Hamas terrorists killed 33 Americans and still hold American citizens hostage? This is what America Last leadership looks like.” – Senator Mike Braun

As many as 10 Americans are being held hostage by Hamas terrorists in Gaza, according to Secretary of State Antony Blinken. Thirty-three Americans were killed in Hamas’ October 7 terrorist attack on Israeli civilians.

Seven days ago, President Biden announced $100 million in humanitarian aid to Hamas-controlled Gaza, with no conditions. The White House’s press release noted working “closely with partners in the region to stress the importance of upholding the law of war,” presumably in reference to Israel, but did not mention applying pressure to the terrorist butchers currently holding American citizens hostage in Gaza. 

Hamas controls Gaza, and Israel and even the Biden administration’s own State Department have expressed concern that any aid delivered to the Gaza Strip will go to fund Hamas’ continued terrorism or free up resources to commit to further terror attacks.

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