WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, U.S. Senators Mike Braun and Mazie K. Hirono introduced a bipartisan resolution designating April 2024 as “National Native Plant Month” and recognizing the importance of native plants to environmental conservation and restoration, as well as in supporting a diversity of wildlife.

“As a lifelong outdoorsman, I know that native plants are key to the conservation of our environment and the preservation of biodiversity. Indiana is home to over 1,700 native plants, so I’m proud to join in the effort to designate April as National Native Plant Month.” – Senator Braun

“Hawaii is home to more than 40% of our country’s endangered and threatened plant species, and native plants are significant to our state’s history, culture, and environment,” said Senator Hirono. “In Hawaii, we recognize the importance of preserving our unique biodiversity and understand the need to continue raising awareness of native plant populations. I am proud to introduce this bipartisan resolution recognizing April as National Native Plant Month, to highlight the importance of native plants in our communities and encourage all Americans to learn more about native plants in their own communities.”– Senator Hirono

“The Ohio Native Plant Month organization commends Senators Braun and Hirono for the passage of a Senate Resolution to designate April 2024 as National Native Plant Month. To save our planet we must protect the health of our water, air, and soil. To save wildlife we need to provide them with ample food and shelter. Given our native plants have evolved over time alongside local wildlife, caterpillars, insects, pollinators, birds, and other animals, depend on native plants for their food and survival. This legislation provides an annual platform to help educate the public about the importance of native plants, and encourages all landowners to plant more native plants to feed wildlife.” – Nancy Linz, President and Co-Founder, Ohio Native Plant Month, Founder, National Native Plant Month

“We thank Senators Hirono and Braun and Representatives Neguse, Buck, Joyce and Case for recognizing the importance of native plants,” said Marlene Pantin, partnerships manager for the National Audubon Society’s Plants for Birds program. “Birds and other wildlife need all the help they can get when facing both a biodiversity and a climate crisis. Native plants help ensure that the birds we love in our own regions will have the food, shelter, and nesting sites they need for generations to come. Plants that are already adapted to local conditions benefit communities as well, requiring less water and pesticides to thrive. By recognizing April as National Native Plant Month, we hope to raise awareness of the beauty and the necessity of native plants for both people and wildlife.” – Jesse Walls, Executive Director, National Audubon Society

“The Indiana Native Plant Society is excited to support the Resolution designating April 2024 as National Native Plant Month.  Native plants are key to supporting biodiversity, which is in steep decline. Conserving and increasing native plant populations is vital. We thank Senators Hirono and Braun for supporting this legislation.” – Coralie Palmer, President, Indiana Native Plant Society

“We applaud Senators Braun and Hirono for their resolution to make April 2024 National Native Plant Month. At a time when our planet faces the crises of biodiversity loss and climate change, native plants’ role as lynchpins of local ecosystems has never been more important. Congress must mark this recognition by advancing policies and investments that will preserve native species’ and the benefits they provide for both people and nature.” – Tom Cors, Sr. Director, Legislative Affairs, The Nature Conservancy 

Full text of the resolution is available here and list of endorsers here.