Senator Mike Braun released the following statement upon the United States surpassing $31 trillion in debt for the first time ever.

“Our great nation has now reached the embarrassing milestone of $31 trillion in debt because of President Biden’s Inflation Bomb agenda and career politicians’ failure to tackle out-of-control federal spending. The federal government continues to bring in more money than ever due to the Trump tax cuts, but D.C.’s runaway spending spree has left every family in Indiana paying more and getting less.”Senator Mike Braun

Senator Braun forced a vote on his balanced budget plan – The Braun Budget – earlier this year in the U.S. Senate.    

President Joe Biden’s own spending blueprint puts the U.S. on the path to reach $45 trillion. Last week, Senator Braun took to the Senate floor to call for a Convention of States to add term limits and a balanced budget as amendments to the Constitution to address the national debt crisis.    

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