Senator Mike Braun posted the following thread on X laying out new data from the March Consumer Price Index report on how much Indiana families are paying each month in inflation since President Joe Biden started his spending spree where borrowing over $2 trillion per year.

This is how much more the average Hoosier family is paying for everything under Bidenflation.

  • $917 more per month on basic goods and services
  • $21,892 more due to inflation since Biden took office

Here’s the breakdown, using the White House’s own CPI numbers

The average Indiana family is spending an extra $142 per month just to pay for food. 

That’s almost $2,000 per year, and since Joe Biden took office and kicked off his Inflation Bomb spending spree, Hoosier families have spent$3,306 extra on food.

The average Hoosier family is spending an extra $178 per month just to keep a roof over their head.

That’s an extra 2 grand this year, and $55 per month more than it was last year.

Hoosiers are struggling, and D.C. just keeps spending.

The average Hoosier family is spending $105 more every month on energy. 

That’s nearly an extra $4,000 since Biden took office just on energy costs.

This is the price of overspending and destroying American energy independence to appease woke activists.

The average Hoosier family is spending an extra $280 per month on transportation. 

And the Biden White House’s suggestion is just to buy an electric car.

We have to reclaim American energy independence and stop letting TikTok activists run our energy policy.

Hoosier families don’t need charts to know they’re getting a raw deal from Washington.

While Hoosiers are drowning, D.C. is throwing them an anvil.

President Biden is still printing money by the trillion, and asking for more.

The solution is to vote down these huge wasteful spending bills that are bankrupting our country, and start CUTTING spending.

I’m proud to have voted against every dollar of the Biden spending spree.

Tell your representatives to do the same.

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