WASHINGTON – Senator Mike Braun released the following statement about President Joe Biden’s event this afternoon at the White House billed as a “celebration” of the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act,” a tax-and-spend spree that continues Biden’s Inflation Bomb agenda that has produced the highest rate of inflation in 40 years, crushing Hoosiers with high prices on everything. As millions of Americans make sacrifices to make ends meet, President Biden and his allies in D.C. continue to spend money we don’t have on their pet projects.  

“Today, Joe Biden is holding a ‘celebration’ for his latest inflation bomb spending bill, as new consumer numbers show another month of crushing high prices. This is an insult to every American struggling to make ends meet this month.” – Senator Mike Braun  

Earlier today, Senator Braun released the following statement on the Consumer Price data showing higher than expected inflation.  

“Inflation is still high, which is surprising to folks on Wall Street but not to anybody on Main Street. Joe Biden and the D.C. crew don’t care how much it hurts you as long as they can keep printing money for their pet projects. We have to grow a backbone and stop spending.” – Senator Mike Braun  

Earlier this year, Senator Braun introduced The Braun Budget: a balanced federal budget that would tackle the inflation crisis by reducing government spending and unleashing American growth.  

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