WASHINGTON – Today, Sen. Braun, Sen. Young and Rep. Carson (IN-07) honored the 100th anniversary of the birth of Wes Montgomery and commemorated his contributions to jazz music by introducing a joint resolution in Congress. 
“It’s clear why Wes Montgomery is considered one of the greatest and most influential jazz guitarists of all time. I am proud to honor the legacy of this iconic Hoosier in Congress and celebrate the enormous contributions he has made to the world of jazz.”— Sen. Mike Braun
“Indiana is home to a long list of famous musicians, but none was more highly regarded by his peers than Wes Montgomery. A century after his birth, he is still recognized as one of the greatest and most influential jazz guitarists of all time.”—Sen. Todd Young
“Born in my hometown of Indianapolis, Wes Montgomery is widely regarded as one of the best jazz musicians of the 20th century. As we celebrate 100 years since his birth, there is no better time to honor his Hoosier roots and appreciate the transformative influence Wes Montgomery continues to have on the music industry today.”—Rep. Andre Carson (IN-07)
Regarded as one of the founding fathers of jazz guitar, John Leslie “Wes” Montgomery was born on March 6, 1923, in Indianapolis, Indiana. As a naturally gifted musician, he became a self-taught guitarist and developed a unique fingerstyle playing technique by using his thumb on the guitar strings instead of a pick, which gave him a distinctive sound. He found success touring with Lionel Hampton’s orchestra, releasing a number of highly acclaimed recordings and albums, and winning a Grammy Award for “Best Instrumental Jazz Performance” in 1966. He died of a heart attack at the height of his popularity on June 15th, 1968, but has continued to inspire countless musicians and influence the genre of jazz around the world.
Read the resolution here.