WASHINGTON — Today, Senator Mike Braun sent a letter to President Biden to express his concerns over the Biden Administration’s failure to provide patient access to critical COVID treatments.

“The administration’s unsatisfactory coordination of the health care supply chain is hampering access to lifesaving COVID antiviral medication,” said Senator Braun. “Federal taxpayers have funded the development and acquisition of twenty-three million courses of treatment pills, and it is imperative for the White House to get the federal bureaucracy on the same page so that Americans do not fall victim to mismanagement.”

“While I understand the White House is advocating for more COVID funding, management of current assets appears to be a pressing issue,” Senator Braun continued. “With over twenty-three million courses of antiviral pills already paid for and procured for use, we must remedy supply chain issues immediately to promote patients to access these lifesaving therapies at the pharmacy counter.”

“I urge you to ensure all agencies and subcomponents have the support needed to ensure maximum access to COVID antiviral medications,” Senator Braun concluded. “I stand willing to assist you in this pursuit.”

Read the full letter here.