WASHINGTON – Today Senator Mike Braun raised a budget point of order on the Senate floor regarding a Capitol security and Afghan resettlement supplemental spending bill.

Sen. Braun Speaking on the Senate Floor

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We need to support our Capitol Police, and we will.

We need to repay our National Guard, and we will.

And we need to protect our allies who kept our troops safe, and we will.

Emergencies arise, and the biggest threat to dealing with them is fiscal irresponsibility in D.C.

We could have easily paid for major parts of this legislation with offsets at the DoD.

Our spending process is broken at every level.

We don’t do budgets anymore. Instead, we vote that the rules don’t matter.

It seems like Congress can only agree on one thing: deficits and debt don’t matter.

But they do, and both parties are to blame.

And they threaten our ability to respond to emergencies when they arise, like the important ones in this bill.

My budget point of order cheat-sheet has my friend Mike Enzi’s name at the top, and I’m speaking up today for those reason and also in his honor.

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