LAWRENCEBURG, Ind. – Today, Senator Mike Braun held a Community Roundtable in Lawrenceburg in Dearborn County as part of his 92 County Tour for 2022. Senator Braun held his community roundtable at Perfect North Slopes.

Every year, Senator Braun visits all 92 counties in Indiana. This week, he will visit 17 Hoosier counties in southeastern and east-central Indiana.

“I ran for Senate because I thought D.C. needed more people from the real world who know what’s really going on. That’s why I’ve made it a priority to hold Community Roundtables on my annual 92 County Tour like the one I held today in Dearborn County, to hear from local leaders what issues matter most to Hoosier communities.” — Senator Mike Braun

“It says a lot that Senator Braun is willing to come and sit with us and really educate us as to what’s going on – and what’s going wrong. I think all of us need to learn more about what’s going on at the federal level, and not only how it affects us today but in the future. The fact that he’s willing to come and spend one on one time with us in a small group really speaks a lot about him and we’re grateful for his time and the information that he gave us.” – Senator Chip Perfect

Watch Senator Braun’s message from Dearborn County HERE