WASHINGTON — Yesterday, Senator Mike Braun met with local White and Carroll County community stakeholders to discuss the ongoing water level issues at Lake Freeman.  
The community roundtable meeting included State Senator Ron Alting, State Representative Don Lehe, Monticello Mayor Cathy Gross, community stakeholders including Shafer Freeman Lakes Environmental Conservation Corporation Executive Director Gabrielle Haygood and board members, multiple representatives of NIPSCO, business and landowners on the lake, and Jake Adams of Carroll County EDC.
“I met with folks on board The Madam Carroll on Lake Freeman who have been significantly harmed by the water level issue over the last few summers. As a former Main Street business owner myself I have a special passion for making sure the government doesn’t harm communities by hampering small business opportunity. I’m glad that all parties, including US Fish and Wildlife, have agreed to come back to the table and discuss changes to the current operations. I will stay involved until a resolution is reached and I hope that it is one that better balances the needs of the local economy with complying to the Endangered Species Act.” – Senator Mike Braun