WASHINGTON – Senator Braun has introduced a bill designed to learn more about how rural broadband can be improved.

Rural broadband providers have to make significant investments in order to carry data-intensive content delivered by “edge providers” such as Netflix, Facebook, and YouTube.

Senator Braun has introduced the Rural Broadband Network Advancement Act, which would require the Federal Communications Commission to study the impact that intensive “edge provider data” has on the service costs of rural broadband providers.

“Rural broadband is important for businesses and schools across Indiana, and I’m introducing this bill to help us learn more about the impact of high bandwidth growth on rural networks and what can be done to improve service and prices for rural Hoosiers.” – Senator Mike Braun

“Smithville Communications is excited to see Senator Braun introduce the Rural Broadband Network Advancement Study Act. As bandwidth demand increases across our network, Smithville and other small broadband providers across the country are asking the FCC to study the impact of high bandwidth growth on rural networks. We are grateful that Senator Braun understands that recurring costs in delivering robust broadband are increasing across rural America and this bill is a great first step in gauging the traffic patterns across our networks.” – Smithville

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