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Watch today’s COVID-19 Update with Senator Braun

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator Mike Braun joined Governor Eric Holcomb’s COVID-19 Update press conference Wednesday to discuss federal resources available to Hoosiers and Indiana small businesses in the COVID relief package.

“All along my priority has been how to target the most resources to the folks that actually need it,” Senator Braun said of the COVID relief package, noting that Congress’s dysfunction led to a federal spending bill filled with pork and wasteful spending attached to the targeted COVID relief bill. “Sadly Congress does not manage its budget like we do back in Indiana, and has ended up with trillion dollar deficits because of it.” 

Senator Braun noted the COVID relief package includes important resources for farmers and schools, as well as $300 weekly additional federal unemployment and changes to the Paycheck Protection Program to help Hoosier small business owners and workers. 

Senator Braun encouraged Hoosiers to visit his website to read resource guides with information about how the federal funds and loans available to unemployed Hoosiers, small businesses, non-profits, farmers, and other organizations at: https://www.braun.senate.gov/contact-mike/coronavirus-assistance

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