WASHINGTON – Senator Braun released the following video responding to reports that the CDC would go back on their previous guidance and again recommend masks for vaccinated Americans.

Senator Braun: No more COVID mandates, masking, things that didn't work

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I wanted to take a brief moment to talk about what it looks like we’re hearing from the CDC: that they’re going to recommend masking again.  

I’m afraid we’re going to roll right back in to how the heavy hand of government dealt with COVID in the first place.

My observation is when you put the task to businesses and Main Street, they did everything to keep their employees and customers safe.

Now we’re talking about some of the failed policies that put our economy in a hurt. Blue states asked for a bailout from the federal government on account of it, and it looks we’re looping right back to it.  

I’m going to be a voice for saying, hey, let this be solved at the grassroots level. Let local governments and businesses deal with it.  

There was no data to show that it worked with the oppressive, heavy-handed government approach to begin with.

Be respectful of the disease, but exercise individual responsibility. That’s the key.

No more mandates, masking, and things that didn’t work from the get-go unless it makes common sense to do so.