WASHINGTON — Senator Mike Braun released the following statement after the Director of National Intelligence released a short, vague report rather than the full declassification required by the law passed by Senators Braun and Hawley. 

The COVID-19 Origin Act calls for a full declassification, not Cliffs Notes to cover for Dr. Fauci and protect China. 

The report released today by the DNI is totally insufficient. The bill Senator Hawley and I passed was to “declassify *any and all* information relating to potential links between the Wuhan Institute of Virology and the origin of COVID-19” including several specific requests related to researchers’ names and their activities at the Wuhan lab. Our bill was passed unanimously by a Democrat Senate and a Republican House and signed by President Biden.

This 9 page DNI report is 5 pages of titles and dictionary definitions, with only 4 pages of actual information, most of which is vague or already reported. The report contains no actual documents.

The American people deserve the facts, not more half truths and politics.