“As I have said all along, neither the media nor the candidates decide who wins elections, it is our Constitution, and our Constitution clearly states that the Electoral College meets to determine who is the President-elect. Today, the Electoral College has cast their votes and selected Joe Biden as the President-elect. State Legislatures, State Courts, and the United States Supreme Court have not found enough evidence of voter fraud to overturn the results of the Electoral College vote. I, like many Hoosiers, am disappointed by the results of the Electoral College vote, but today marks a watershed moment where we must put aside politics and respect the constitutional process that determines the winner of our Presidential election. However, the results of the Electoral College should not diminish the need to continue a thorough investigation into the irregularities and credible allegations of fraud related to the unprecedented level of mail-in voting in the 2020 election. I will continue to call on State Governments, the Courts, and Congress to investigate the 2020 elections and take actions to restore integrity to the process so the American people can have faith in our democratic institutions.”