Senator Braun visits Parke County

Senator Mike Braun stopped in to Rockville yesterday on his annual tour of all 92 counties in Indiana on Wednesday to give an update on his recent trip to the southern border and his work for Hoosiers in D.C.

Senator Braun met with a group of Parke County residents including community leaders and elected officials at the Thirty-Six Saloon.

“As I travel Indiana to talk about getting our Main Street economies back to where they were before the COVID pandemic, update Hoosiers about my work to push back on out-of-control spending in D.C., and what I saw of the crisis at the southern border that they need to know, I was glad to have a chance to sit down with elected officials and community leaders in Parke County to update them and listen to their questions and concerns.” – Senator Mike Braun

“We’re glad Senator Braun has taken the time to come to Parke County to educate our local officials on what is going on in D.C. Some of the topics he touched on were the border crisis – that’s very important – the House bill H.R. 1 which was a concern of the crowd, and we’re glad the Senator took the time today to reach out to Parke County and listen to our concerns.” – Bill Webster