WASHINGTON – Senator Mike Braun released the following statement following his vote against the $1.7 omnibus spending bill, text of which was first released late on Monday night.  

“I voted against the omnibus bill because we can’t keep running America into the ditch with wasteful spending bills negotiated behind closed doors and rammed through the last minute. We’re $31 trillion in debt, and every Hoosier is paying for it. They deserve better.” – Senator Mike Braun

Senator Braun first came out against the omnibus bill on December 1st, with an op-ed calling for a short-term spending bill to keep the government open until the Republican House majority the American people voted for could be sworn in on January 3. Senator Braun called for his Senate Republican colleagues to reject any spending bill negotiated by the outgoing Democratic House majority led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Earlier this year, Senator Braun forced a vote on the Senate floor on his own balanced federal budget. 

On Tuesday this week, Senator Braun spoke at a press conference with conservative Senate colleagues with all 4,155 pages of the bill in front of them:

WATCH: Senator Braun’s opening remarks in the Tuesday press conference


Download Senator Braun’s remarks from the Tuesday press conference


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