WASHINGTON – Senator Mike Braun released the following statement ahead of President Joe Biden’s 2023 State of the Union Address.
“Where I come from, you don’t get credit for putting out a fire you started. When President Biden touts “deficit reduction” tonight he means adding slightly less to our $31 trillion debt bomb this year than the one and a half trillion he added last year. When he touts jobs coming back, he doesn’t mention what they’re coming back from: record high inflation he created and his COVID policies that paid people not to work. Three fifths of working Americans live paycheck to paycheck, and Hoosier families are spending more and getting less. The state of the union will always be strong as long as the American people remain resilient and innovative, and when I travel all 92 Indiana counties every year talking to Hoosiers I see that firsthand. But the state of our federal government is bloated, wasteful, and in need of real leadership.”