WASHINGTON – Today, Senate Democrats will introduce their proposed spending bills.

Senator Braun released the following statement criticizing the partisan spending bills for their several poison pills and unacceptable provisions including spending your tax dollars on abortions, failing to address the crisis on our southern border, enabling swamp corruption with earmarks for fat cat pet projects, and increasing our federal spending when Congress is already so deeply in debt.

The Democrats’ spending bills proposed today are a disgrace and represent the most pro-abortion spending plan ever. “These bills strip out the Hyde Amendment which stops the federal government from paying for abortions, include $0 for the border wall as our border crisis rages, waste taxpayer money on swamp earmarks, and increase spending when we are already overspending by a trillion bucks a year.

“I’d say we’re spending like drunken sailors, but drunken sailors are at least spending money they actually have.” – Senator Mike Braun

The partisan spending bills eliminate the Hyde Amendment, which stops the federal government from funding abortion. The Hyde Amendment has been included in appropriations bills every year since 1977.”

The spending proposal includes $0 for a border wall as the crisis on our southern border continues to spin out of control with no end in sight, with monthly border crossings remaining at a 21 year high and Mexican drug cartels opening fire on U.S. National Guard at the border.

The spending plan includes earmarks: tools of the swamp which are used to funnel taxpayer funds to career politicians’ pet projects. Senator Braun is the leading voice against earmarks in D.C. and has called for them to be permanently banned.

This spending plan includes a nearly 14% increase in discretionary spending. The federal government already runs a structural, yearly deficit of over $1 trillion.

n total, these partisan spending bills exceed the spending levels in Democrats’ own partisan budget resolution by nearly $10 billion.

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