WASHINGTON – Senator Braun released the following reaction to President Joe Biden’s $6.8 trillion budget proposal today.
“President Biden’s ‘budget’ is dead on arrival. It’s a campaign wishlist of tax hikes and fuzzy math that would do nothing to help Hoosiers struggling with Biden’s inflation crisis.
“When President Biden touts ‘reducing the deficit’ he means borrowing slightly less money this year than we borrowed last year. We’re still on track to spend more than we bring in by over $1 trillion this year, just like last year. In Biden’s first year in office, he spent $2.7 trillion more than we took in. That’s about how much we spent fighting the War in Afghanistan for 20 years, added on top of our $31 trillion debt in just one year. And he still wants to dig the hole deeper.
“We already have record tax revenue from Trump’s tax cuts. Now it’s time to cut wasteful spending. I did it in my own balanced budget without touching Social Security and Medicare – it can be done, D.C. just needs to grow a backbone.”


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